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Further Information

Initial Consultation

Free - 20 mins

I offer all my clients a free 20-minute initial phone consultation during which we can discuss your problems and options in terms of suitable therapies to help. 

Further Session

£110- 50 mins

Following a consultation, further sessions are conducted in 50 minute blocks at £100 per session. 

  • How are you governed?
    As a Clinical Psychologist I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). The HCPC sets standards for training, qualifications and post-qualification development that must be adhered to in order to be registered. I am also a member of the Yoga Alliance Professionals.
  • What happens in the first appointment?
    The first appointment an assessment of what you are struggling with and what you feel you need. I will ask for some background history and identify some goals for therapy. We can also determine the most effective type of therapy for you and make a plan for the number of sessions likely to be needed.
  • Will sessions be confidential?
    I realise how important it is to offer a safe space to discuss your difficulties. The only circumstance I may need to share information with others, for example, your GP or referrer is if I were to have any concerns regarding your safety or hold any concerns regarding risk to others. I do, as part of my professional development and to ensure safe and effective therapy, share information in supervision with appropriate professionals-however your details would be anonymised. You may think it is helpful for me to share some information with your GP, or other professionals involved-but this would be based on what you feel you want me to do.
  • How can I make payment?
    I will send out an invoice via email prior to your appointment. If preferred, I can invoice for groups of sessions.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you wish to cancel an appointment, 48 hrs (two working days) notice of cancellation needs to be given. The full cost of the session will be charged for non-attendance or late cancellations.
  • Are you registered with health providers?
    Yes. Currently I am registered with AVIVA, AXA and WPA. If your Provider is not listed, please do let me know. I can consider registering with other insurance companies. Please note that Health Insurers often require their members to obtain authorisation from them prior to commencing any assessments or treatment, and excess charges may be incurred depending upon your policy. Please check with your Health Insurance Provider for more details.
  • How do you handle personal data?
    I only ever use your details to contact you to arrange appointments or to communicate with you. I will never pass your information on to another party without your permission – and these parties would only ever be those involved in your care. Information about you and anything you say during sessions is kept securely and uses only initials to identify you. I follow professional guidelines regarding storing data. The Data Protection Act requires me to tell you that your details will be stored on a database, however you can request to erase these at any time. Please note, I normally communicate via email which may not be as secure. We can consider other ways to communicate if needed and can limit the type of information sent by email or add password protection to documents shared.
  • Where will I be seen?
    I offer appointments remotely via Zoom on: Mondays and Wednesdays I offer face to face appointments at the Station Mill, Alresford on Tuesdays
  • What are your working hours?
    I currently offer clinics on: Mondays 9.00 to 2.30 Tuesdays 9.00 to 2.30 Wednesdays 9.00-2.30 I don’t routinely offer appointments outside of these times, but I can make some exceptions.
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